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The Golden Apple

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The Golden Apple
What people are saying
“It’s hard to believe that this was Fearl Marie’s debut novel. She is obviously born to write! She brought some amazing characters to life and I’m sure Poppy will stay with me for a long time…” Maryline, Belgium, 2 Dec. 2013
“Following Poppy as she deals with the death of husband really sucks you into the story. Great easy read. Can’t wait to read more!” Sloane’s Mom, Amazon, 5/5 stars, 6 Nov. 2013
“Great read! It should come with a warning that once you begin reading you will not want to put it down until you reach the conclusion. Faerl Marie is an excellent writer who does especially well transporting you to the scene with her intoxicating explanation of every lovely detail.” David B., Amazon, 5/5 stars, 13 Nov. 2013
“Homey and light-hearted, this short novel is positive, uplifting, and refreshing. I can’t wait to read more from this author.” Jane M., Amazon, 5/5 stars, 13 Nov. 2013
“This was an amazing story, and one that really left me on the edge of my seat through the whole thing! I started this on a Friday night, and finished before the weekend’s end. I loved following Poppy through her journey of healing and restoration and would love to continue to read about her and her adventures! I highly recommend this book! It’s both healing and entertaining!” Karena Sweet “Kar,” Amazon, 5/5 stars, 13 Nov. 2013
“I got lost into Poppy Parker’s tragic, yet realistic journey as she moved from Georgia to New York City in order to move on from the loss of her husband. The book was a great read and I recommend it everyone!” Grace Lee, USA, 18 Dec. 2013
“…A charming book…all about pursuing one’s hopes and dreams…A fun read that’s fresh and poignant.” Krystal B., USA, 26 Dec. 2013


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