Press and Support

Maryline is a book review blogger and Belgian resident. Her blog M’s bookshelf is a great source for inspiring reviews and suggested reads. You can see her review of The Golden Apple here.

” I was in tears, or close to, throughout the entire novel. But it wasn’t a depressing story… not even a sad story. It was just incredibly moving and inspiring! I found it to be full of hope for the future, happy memories of the past, full of love and friendship…” Maryline, Belgium, Dec. 2, 2013

Whim of The South is a Southern fashion and lifestyle blog. Her review of The Golden Apple is here!

“The tale is an overwhelming mix of emotions from being sad for Poppy and the loss of her husband and being thrilled for her as the book drew to a close. After I started reading, I had to see what happened next. Within two days, I finished the tale of heartbreak and readjustment with a curveball of new romance…I’ll let the book speak for itself!” Breck Clare, USA, Dec. 9, 2013

Gracefullee Made is a North Carolina based style blog. Her review of The Golden Apple is here!

“I got lost into Poppy Parker’s tragic, yet realistic journey as she moved from Georgia to New York City in order to move on from the loss of her husband. The book was a great read and I recommend it everyone!” Grace Lee, USA, Dec. 18, 2013

A Pinch of Lovely is a lifestyle blog based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her review of The Golden Apple is here! Her feature in Southern Living Magazine is here!

“…I can truly say that it’s been a charming book to read – all about pursuing one’s hopes and dreams in the face of adversity and difficult times – definitely what I need to end this very busy year. If you’re looking for a fun read that’s fresh and poignant (and maybe even a little inspiring)…” Krystal Bennett, USA, Dec. 26, 2013


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