MFA Monday: Workshop

For anyone whose never taken a workshop class, it can be quite daunting. Not only are you handing over pages of your work, but the entire goal is to have it critiqued and examined under a spotlight of critical attention by a whole group of people with different opinions, different perspectives, and different tastes from … More MFA Monday: Workshop

MFA Definitions

This is a working list of definitions I’m learning and developing as part of my MFA. Some of these words are completely new to me, others are familiar, and some were completely misunderstood. I’ll be updating this regularly so stay tuned. Psychic Distance: Also called ‘Narrative Distance,’ describes the relationship the reader has with the narrator; … More MFA Definitions

Meet Me Monday: Colorado and Considering Novellas

Happy Monday, Y’all! And for all you school-types, happy only-a-month-and-a-half-left-of-school! This past weekend was fall break and I went with my in-laws to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I love my in-laws, they are completely fantastic, and I love Pagosa Springs so it was a pretty fabulous weekend. This weekend I got to do nearly all of … More Meet Me Monday: Colorado and Considering Novellas

Works In Progress

“Works in Progress” are such nebulous things. Even the finished ones aren’t really finished and it’s easy to lose sight of the future and a concrete, published, printed book when you spend so much time thinking about the word document, saved and version dated on your flash drive that always needs revision and attention or gets … More Works In Progress

Book Club Validation

There is nothing quite so affirming for an author as when you meet someone who has read your book and not only expresses their enjoyment, but who really got it. Since The Golden Apple’s publication in 2023 I’ve had the pleasure of attending 2 book clubs to meet some of my readers. This past Saturday I was … More Book Club Validation