Kind of a Big Deal

In the last few months, while I haven’t been blogging or writing, I got a few great pieces of news regarding publication!

  1. My novel Haute Killer was accepted into the Kindle Scout program!!! It’s campaign has 3 days to go so if you haven’t nominated it, please do! You can visiting the campaign page here and if you nominate it, you’ll get a free copy if it’s chosen for publication through Kindle Press.HK Cover Final.png
  2. Centum Press has bought a short piece of mine! It’s my first lit mag publication and I’m really excited!! I signed the contract last week. The piece is called Hating on Apes (TBD) and will be part of an anthology that will be published in the fall of this year or spring of next.Untitled design (2).png
  3. I got a really great rejection from a literary magazine I admire. If you’re not familiar with “a really great rejection” or a “good rejection” it means you weren’t accepted for publication but they sent you a rejection letter that says something along the lines of “we really liked this/your style/your writing/your voice” and maybe a few words of encouragement, suggestions, etc. In this case, they told me it had gone far in the selection process and they encouraged to me submit more! HUGE!!!
  4. Last but not at all least, I am supposed to find out today (when I’m writing this, which is tomorrow, when you’ll be able to read it) if I’ve won a fiction award! I got an email last week telling me I was a finalist and they’ll be announcing the winners today (May 10th). I’ve been checking my email like mad but haven’t heard yet. Either way, it’s a great add-on for my CV. We shall see….

One thought on “Kind of a Big Deal

  1. Agggg…. Can’t wait to hear about the award!!! All great news Faerl! Love Deb

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