Decisions, Decisions: The Golden Apple’s Coming Makeover

My husband is always nervous when I start conversations with the line “I’ve decided…” Usually, this line is followed by some life-changing epiphany for our future. “I’ve decided I want to work full-time.” “I’ve decided I want to go to graduate school.” “I’ve decided I’m only wearing neutral colors and real jewelry.” “I’ve decided we’ll put off looking for a house until the spring and then we’re going to go full force and look for houses aggressively.”

Some of these decisions stick (graduate school—holla!) and some don’t (I’ve added red, blue, green, orange, and pink to my wardrobe color pallet). My newest decision is official.

I’ve decided to take The Golden Apple off the market for a major revision. I am going to give her a makeover. She’ll have some cosmetic work done, she’ll get stronger, she’ll go to finishing school, and she’ll have a word count augmentation.

I’m proud of her. She’s sold more copies than the average 250 copies a year of most books and has maintained a really great review star average for her lifetime. However, I think it’s time to give her the attention she deserves. I am still convinced  The Golden Apple story and plot are good and I love Poppy and Austin. But I think they can all be stronger, better developed, and more beautifully crafted, especially in light of all I’m learning but also because I’ve matured as a person, reader, and writer.

This has been a carefully considered decision and it’s bittersweet but I’m convinced, when she makes her grand, post-makeover entrance, it will all be worth it. Her future is bright and I’m excited for what will come next. TGA with RF badge

2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions: The Golden Apple’s Coming Makeover

  1. Faerl! This is so exciting…. I can’t wait to read it all over again (& your next novel as well!)

    Lace sooo excited to get to see you and I am bummed we have too many commitments and not enough days to get to also see you but maybe…. I’ll have Lace keep pinging me your schedule together!

    Love Deb

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