Five for Friday: DIY Christmas Gifts (and Happy Birthday Eve)

I am really trying not to go overboard on gifts this year. J and I are trying to save as much money as possible to make a down payment on a house in the spring (more than 20%–please, Lord!). I have a tendency to go a little nuts at Christmas–I just love buying presents and I constantly find stuff I love for my sisters! To curb the flow of money out of our savings, I am going to make as many gifts as possible. My personal theory is the best gift to give is the one you’d love to receive. With that in mind I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas and Pinterest delivered, as usual!

1 Handmade Candles in Fabulous, Unique Containers
I love nice candles and they are fabulous to give as gifts but they can get super pricey. My favorite candle, Voluspa ‘Suede Blanc’ runs about $20 to $30 and that adds up quick when you want to give every member of your extended family something nice for their home.

Tutorial on Lisa Loves John!
Tutorial on Lisa Loves John!

This fabulous DIY is impossibly easy looking and I know the lovely little blogger who made it, and she assured me it is actually as simple as it says. I’m really hopeful and collecting great containers and bottles in preparation.

candle 1

I am trying to find lovely tins like this one for the project as well. This is the only one I’ve collected so far–I may be drinking a lot of tea in the near future…

2. Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Tutorial on Sarah Hearts!
Tutorial on Sarah Hearts!

This is what started all my DIY gifting dreams this year. I got several sets of glasses at TJ Maxx, which is great because they come in an easy-to-wrap box with cardboard dividers so all my hard work will make it under the tree when we go to Houston for Christmas. I had originally thought to get the glasses at thrift stores but this ended up being nearly the same price and will be much easier to transport and gift.

I think this might lead to a lot of chalkboard projects. It’s so en trend right now and so easy to DIY. Who wouldn’t love a set of these?

Tutorial on Mejia Mamma!
Tutorial on Mejia Mamma!

3. Gold Honeycomb Jars

I love gold and I love containers. I will be making my self a set of these as “practice.” I think they are completely fabulous, elegant, versatile, and will fit in with many of my friends interior style. Basically, they’re perfect for gifting. I may even fill them with goodies if I get really ambitious.

Tutorial on For My Love Of!
Tutorial on For My Love Of!

4. Dry Erase Board

I’m only going to make these for people whose interior décor I know well enough to choose paper in the colors and patterns of their homes to ensure they can actually use them. I love the menu board idea but I think I’ll leave them blank for lists, to-do’s, menus, announcements, whatever they want to use them for.

Tutorial on Makes and Takes!
Tutorial on Makes and Takes!

5. Stamped Jewelry Bowls

Thanks Pinterest!
Thanks Pinterest!

I love little bowls for holding earrings, rings, and other sundry items. They’re handy to have by the sink in the kitchen and guest bedrooms. I’ve never worked with this clay so we’ll see how it goes but I have hopes (as usual) and I’m feeling ambitious (also as usual).



Tomorrow is The Golden Apple’s 2nd Birthday!

I truly can’t believe it’s been two years and it’s so exciting to think of all that’s happened, all the people I’ve met, and all I’ve learned along the way because of I started typing my first novel and hit “publish.” She’s on sale through Sunday the 1st for .99 cents as a special birthday party favor!

Thank you, to everyone who has shown me support, love, and encouragement. I am forever grateful.

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