Blog Tour Throwback: “The Golden Apple” on Chick Lit Goddess

Since Isabella’s review of The Golden Apple, we’ve stayed in touch via Facebook and writing groups. She is so lovely, encouraging, and supportive of my work and she’s quite the author herself! Her 5 star review of The Golden Apple was so sweet and exciting–she makes me want to write:

“Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this book. It started quickly, and before too long, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.”


You can read her entire review of The Golden Apple, as well as other great reviews on Chick Lit Goddess.


Personal Note: Last week I lost my thumb drive (the one with all my manuscripts, novels, and Works In Progress on it) and was focusing on keeping panic at bay for about 5 days. I even drove, before sunrise, flashlight in hand, to a house we had looked at a few weekends ago to see if it had fallen out of the car and into the driveway. Yesterday evening I found it!!! It was stuck between some papers in a school folder I know I checked early-on in the hunt. The moral of the story: Use Dropbox–it’s free–and don’t give up hope!

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