Meet Me Monday: Colorado and Considering Novellas

wolf creek

Happy Monday, Y’all! And for all you school-types, happy only-a-month-and-a-half-left-of-school! This past weekend was fall break and I went with my in-laws to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I love my in-laws, they are completely fantastic, and I love Pagosa Springs so it was a pretty fabulous weekend. This weekend I got to do nearly all of my favorite things: I read an entire book, I went shopping, I went for a hike, I went on a breakfast date with my husband, I spent time with my family, and I ate a lot of great food.


Breaks from life are always inspiring times for me. I am removed enough from my life to stop thinking about the day-to-day necessities of working, keeping house, and school but I’m not gone so long I have time to start dreading the make-up work I’m going to have to do to get things together after a week or more away. This trip also coincided perfectly with a change in the season in the Southwest. Fall is here and with it comes a feeling of freshness and preparation. I feel ready to pick up a few of my unfinished works and begin spending time with them and I’m ready to start a new project. However, between the time devoted to work and the pieces I have to write for school (and the fact that I already have two full-length novels in progress) I am playing with the idea of starting a shorter piece.

My mother-in-law is hilarious and filled me in on several of her recent adventures in Christmas decorating (she is a professional Christmas decorator and this is the beginning of her very busy season) and provided me with several story ideas, which brings me to my next topic at hand. Who reads seasonal fiction?

I have several author friends who come out with a seasonal novel or novella nearly every year. They must do well with them– they continue to produce them each year and these are savvy, successful indie authors, but I have personally, never read a seasonal piece of literature. That being said, I have a great (I think) idea for a Christmas novella (thanks to my Mother-In-Law) that I may start working on for next holiday. I’ve never written a novella, in part because I have a hard time with shorter stories and also because I don’t perceive a big market for them but I think I may be wrong about the market and I think a novella is actually perfect for me.

I have a very difficult time with short stories–they just don’t allow for enough story or connection and development for my style of writing. I think short stories are a definite talent, one which I do not possess, and I am working on being able to write with the type of economy and impact required for short stories, but I’m not there yet. However, novels and their 65,000+ words are a big undertaking. The more you write, the more you have to edit, and the more time you’re going to invest. A novella, 50,000 words or fewer, may be perfect for me. I’m going to begin researching the market and I may start working up a small idea into a novella, or better yet, I may take a larger idea and economize–a harder but more rewarding task (for me).

More pictures of my trip to Colorado.


Treasure Falls



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