Works In Progress

“Works in Progress” are such nebulous things. Even the finished ones aren’t really finished and it’s easy to lose sight of the future and a concrete, published, printed book when you spend so much time thinking about the word document, saved and version dated on your flash drive that always needs revision and attention or gets rejected time and time again. One of the best pieces of advice I ever read about querying is how important it is to continue writing and working on new pieces while you query. Otherwise, you could waste weeks, months, even years waiting and not producing anything. I try to always be working on one new project and editing at least two or three others. The goal I’m (slowly) working towards is to always have a book, almost ready to publish, so I don’t keep my fans waiting too long for the next piece. I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it. I try to think about the work I do today as the piece that will get accepted tomorrow.


My Current Works in Progress (Briefly Defined)

  1. I have finished my second novel!! It’s a contemporary, commercial, women’s fiction novel with a murder mystery that has great potential as a series. Think, Sophie Kinsella meets Sue Grafton. I am actively querying it now and have received lovely feedback as well as some very helpful critiques. The MC’s name is Lovelee Daye (there’s a charming and meaningful story behind it–it’s not just cutesy). I’d never written a murder mystery and was quite shocked when the murder happened. I love the story and the romance and the MC’s career ambition–I’m so excited for people to get to meet Lovelee. As an added bonus, Poppy makes a cameo appearance!
  2. My third novel is in progress. I workshopped an excerpt in my Engl. 521: Fiction Workshop class and received great critique and a lot of encouragement. Triangle is a fiction novel about three friends and the extent love can be sacrificed in the name of loyalty. I’m hoping to be done with this novel next year– I see it as a pretty major work, maybe even my MFA dissertation.
  3. I am submitting several short stories, creative non-fiction pieces, and flash fiction pieces–a first for me. Submitting shorter pieces that were originally assignments seems to be a major component of the MFA and I’m hoping all this submission will produce fruit throughout my program. As soon as one is picked up, you better believe you’ll be hearing about it!

**Thrilling Side Note: I’ve been slotted for a BookSends Promotion on October 29th and I’m thrilled! It’s just in time for The Golden Apple’s 2nd birthday!

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